About Us

Q1: Who we are?

SHOP2LUXURY.COM is a global luxury watches shopping platform and we take responsibility for the authenticity of every order and for our quality assurance, return and refund policy.We are committed to supplying the best quality clone watches to a large number of watch lovers. How to buy a best quality watch, please check hereWe don't just say that, the point is that we have always been in this business with this standard. We do not lower our quality requirements just because it is a clone watch. Unlike many other sellers, we are proud of the fact that most of our business is generated by customers trusting our products and recommending us to others in need.

 Q2: Can you send to my country?

 SHOP2LUXURY has nearly 5 years of wholesale and retail experience, served more than 20,000 customers, they are all over the world: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia,Singapore and the Middle East countries.Our previous website domain name is topoppo.com, unfortunately, it was blockedWe can ship to almost any country in the world, except for some countries with particularly strict customs checks: Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Lithuania, etc.We ship almost all over the world, please check here

 Q3: Do the watches you sell have a warranty?

We always see the problem from the buyer's point of view: if I buy something from another distant country, I am most concerned about two things: first, is the seller a fraud, can I receive the goods after I pay? Second, is the quality of the product I receive the same as the seller promised? Third, how long will it take for me to receive the goods?

There is no denying that many buyers have been cheated by many of our counterparts, the practice of these sellers is mainly two kinds: one is to receive money without delivery, and the other is to ship the wrong version, promising a high quality version , but sending the buyer is some small factory inferior products (this is because most buyers are not professional about watches, especially in the absence of another high quality watch while comparing the situation does not know how to distinguish between good and bad quality, and the vast majority of buyers will not open the back cover to check the movement inside)

Swear by God: We are honest sellers, we sell over 20,000 watches to all over the world and have plenty of facts to prove it. (Please click here to see a large number of watches that buyers have ordered from us)

We promise: all watches will be tested by our watch engineers before they are sent out, mainly in several places: whether there are any defects in the appearance of the watch, whether there are foreign objects in the dial, whether the sapphire is on the same plane, and whether the movement is working intact,etc. The watch is then adjusted and calibrated, and we send the videos and detailed pictures of the inspection to the buyer for verification. We know very well that if we let our customers receive a defective watch, the result will be disastrous for both the buyer and us, so we make sure that every watch is in perfect working order before we send it out. As for the security of the package, we have enough experience to keep the watches from being damaged in transit and the package even withstands violent tests. (How we verify the quality for our buyers, check here)

 SHOP2LUXURY has selected about 40 watch manufacturers that have extensive watch making experience, some of which are OEM factories of well-known brands, to ensure that you receive a superior quality product. We can help you screen out the cheap, inferior products, saving you time and unnecessary after-sales hassles. Even if there is a 1% chance that you do not receive your package, or receive the wrong color, or receive a product damaged in transit, please rest assured that we will take all the responsibility.


Q4:How to pay? Is there a security guarantee?

We used to use Paypal to receive money, but as we all know, Paypal strictly forbids selling replica watches, which led to many of our Paypal accounts being blocked and losing a lot of money. We now have the following payment methods: Wise,Western Union,Remitly,WorldRemit,Paysend. We can assure you that your rights are guaranteed!(How to pay, please check here)

Q5:I am a watch enthusiast but your prices vary greatly from $400-$2000 , what is the difference between them? How should I choose?

 Watches are divided into quartz and self-winding watches. The most important thing about a watch is the movement, just as the engine is important for a car, so the movement determines the quality of the product and the cost of manufacture.Also, watch accessories, such as case, bracelet, sapphire, dial, and bezel, have different prices for different qualities of these accessories, and higher prices mean that the watch factory uses better quality accessories.

 Automatic movements: China-made DANDONG,SHANGHAI, SEAGULL represents the best level of movement production in China; Japan: Citizen, Seiko, models 8200, 4150, 8210, 4166, 9100; Swiss movements 2824, 2846, 2892, 2750, ETA 2824-2, ETA 2892A2, ETA 2836, ETA 7750 and ETA 6497.

1:1 replica movements (the genuine movement disassembled, replicate each part assembled movement): Rolex 3130,,3230, 3135, 3235, 3255, 3186, 3285, 4130 movement, Audemars Piguet 3120, Omega 8900, Panerai 9000, etc.

We focus on the best clone watches, so some watches that sell for $50-300 are not our target. The movements used in these watches are some from small Chinese factories, such as Mingzhu movements, Tianjin movements, replica Citizen movements, etc. These watches just look like the genuine ones, but in fact the quality is not guaranteed at all. If what you need is a $100-$200 watch, we are sorry that we can't help you more.

Generally speaking, watches with tourbillon movements are much more expensive. The tourbillon on our website is a real tourbillon, and the structure is close to more than 95% of the genuine one.In short, choose according to your needs and budget, the truth that you get what you pay for is eternal! Our aim is to provide our customers with a selection of quality products at a fair price.


Q6:I love the Rolex Daytona, even if I was bankrupt I couldn't afford a real one, is it a shame to buy a fake watch? Who are some of your customers?

 Watch is an important tool to show your taste, even a piece of art worth collecting. However, the high price of genuine luxury watches makes many people unable to afford them. We are trying to make more gentlemen with good taste have the ability to wear watches that are beautiful. At the same time, we have calculated that our more than30% of our customers have a real Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, or other brand, and they wear replica watches in their daily lives, while the originals are lying alone in their home safe.Especially since many models of watches are not necessarily available for a long time by appointment, some high quality replica watches are the perfect solution to the need. These high quality watches tend to make them forget about the genuine ones.What I'm saying is that other people only notice that you're wearing a Rolex on your wrist, and no one is going to rip your watch off your wrist to study its authenticity.I don't think it's a shame that it's a fake watch, apart from a few different letters, it's a really good watch! I think shame on the Swiss brand watchmakers who make a lot of money by simply dividing human beings into rich and poor.

 Q7:Can your watches be verified by Rolex store? Is it 100% identical to the original?

The quality of these top quality watches of ours is good enough that many of the models are 95% similar to the genuine ones. It is very very difficult for a watch non-professional to tell that it is a fake watch. However, professionals can still distinguish the genuine from the fake by comparing it with the genuine through a magnifying glass. It would be dishonest of me to say that it is 100% the same as the original.After all, the cost of a replica watch is much lower than the genuine one. Especially the movement, the movement structure is very close, but every part of the genuine movement is polished , more exquisite.However, if it is the same quality, Rolex will sell it for $6000, while we only sell it for $500.

Q8:I'm worried that I won't receive my package or that I'll receive a damaged product, will you be responsible for this?

We take pride in providing quality products and carefully inspect products before shipment. In the rare case that the item is faulty, damaged during transit, , please contact us for details on how to get a refund or replacement. Sometimes we lack a bit of luck and there is a 2% chance of getting stuck in your country's customs, but please rest assured that if we get stuck in customs, we will resend you one until you can receive your watch. (For cases of being held up by customs, please check here)

Q9: How to Become a Distributor?

 We focus on the best quality watches and if you are interested in this business, we can provide you with everything you need, better price, fast delivery (fedex).We do drop shipping for customers/resellers who request it.

Q10:How do I contact you?

 Email:[email protected]

Via whatsapp: +0086 18970703486