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1. Upgrade the movement fine engraved letters, clear and non-abrasive, smooth texture.
2. Upgrade the automatic tourbillon piece, noise reduction.
3. 1to1original movement, no fake clamping plate, no fake balance wheel, no fake ruby. 3k complete reproduction of the 3.3 mm high quality 324SC movement.
4. Upgrade the dial scale, luminous super bright, and the overall to achieve harmony and synchronization of brightness.
5. Dial improvement and genuine consistent color, dial details maximum close to the original version.
6. The date frame is horizontally orthogonal for each watch, so that it does not appear to be skewed and obscured.
7. The thickness of the watch is 8.3mm, perfectly realizing the ultra-thin auto watch craft, same thickness of the original.
8. Emphasis on the 324Sc movement clockwise date, that is, from the top to the bottom to adjust the calendar. Set the time and the genuine product consistent.
9. When adjusting the time, pull out the watch head second gear, the long second hand is not stopped. And the genuine product is also consistent.

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Manufacturer Name Patek Philippe
Movement Cal.324SC
Case Material 904L Stainless Steel
Dial Face Sapphire
Case Diameter 40.0 MM
Water Resistance 30 Meters

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